About This Site

This site differs from most "Family History" sites in that it is primarily photo-based; as opposed to textual. Sadly, this site should have been developed in 1975 - but unfortunately there was no Internet back then that the public could access. I mention 1975 because that was the date of the 75th anniversary Lyseng Reunion which was held at the Camrose Lutheran College, in Camrose, Alberta. The site was significant because Erick Lyseng was one of the founders of the college. It is now called Augustana and is part of the University of Alberta. Also at that time the Alberta Government was looking for a good way to celebrate the province's 75th anniversay in 1980. They set aside a few million so that communities around Alberta could record the history and accomplishments of our forefathers before they were all gone. In my opinion, this was probably the best and last "great" idea the government ever had.

It is too bad we didn't have the technology back then that we have today. In 1975, there were many displays with old pictures from every family. And they were all in one place! Many of the "old-timers" were still alive then to fill in the blanks and identify who was who in each picture. Unfortunately those folks are gone now. The pictures have gone back to each family branch, and the storytellers have been mostly silenced.

This is an attempt to connect a face with a name, and wherever possible to get the story as right as possible. It would not have been possible without the forethought of the group of pioneers who put together books like Footprints Along the Stoney, another book by Anna Hong called Our Norwegian Ancestors, and help from relatives in Canada and the United States.

Daryl M. Lyseng