Skandia Cemetery

About 25 years ago, Kurt Lyseng and I went to Old Skandia to see if we could find the stone of the Lyseng children who were buried there. At that time, the cemetery had been abandoned and many stones were covered in trees, bushes and wild grass. We couldn't find a stone with Lyseng on it until, we found a stone with the names Henry, Richard, Anna & Mabel.

After many years the soil had accumulated and the base of the stone was actually about 5 inches below the ground. We got some shovels and raised the stone back to ground level. Now the cemetery is being cut regularly by community members and the trees and shrubs that had overgrown some of the stones have been removed.

Old Skandia was the original cemetery used by the early settlers around Armena. When Scandia Church (it later burned down in 1955 and was replaced by a "new" Scandia church right in Armena) was built on the East side of Highway 21 - this cemetery fell into disuse.