Skrautvål Church



Christianity Comes to Valdres  

Valdres was the last area to be christianized in Norway. It took 78 years from the first missionary in  Norway to come to the people in Valdres about 1023. The author of the booklet quotes the well known book Heimskringla, about how King Olaf Haralson (Saint Olav) met farmers in Vang and Slidre. He forced Christianity on the people by burning some of the farms in the community, and killing some of the inhabitants. Those who accepted his message were let go.

Towards The Reformation

King Olav Haraldson (Saint Olav) was not that much involved in rural districts, as it can be understood from the Heimskringla that he was an unpopular man among the farmers. King Olav divided the country into bishoprics (dioceses). Valdres belonged to the bishop in Stavanger until 1631, but in 1864 it came under the bishop in Hamar, like it is today.

The Lutheran religion was believed to be unknown in Valdres when the reformation came in 1537. Most of the Catholic priests were allowed to continue as Lutheran priests (ministers).

The Old Stave Church

The old stave church at Skrautval was situated in the middle of a field in Abol. After the reformation, very little seems to have been done to preserve the church. Not much is known about the building itself, but it was probably very small, and that the bells existed in a building for themselves beside the church.

The church was torn down around 1760. Some of the boards and other fixtures are used in the new church.

The pulpit, a cabinet, candlesticks, a silver chalice and silver wafer dish , a red velvet messehakel with a green silk crossdecorated with silver embroidery, possibly from the last century, are used in the new church. 

Pulpit Communion
Communion Box


Old Bell


Alter Font
Baptismal Font
Skrautval 2
Choir Loft


Document and pictures provided by Larry Lyseng

Document author: Nils Oddvar Bergheim

Translation by: Grethe Kjorli