Engebret Lyseng

Engebret Knudson Lyseng and his wife Marit Ellingsdatter Holdal Lyseng emigrated from Norway before Knut and Marit with another of their children. They lived first in Wisconsin in the community of Valders, WI, with their daughter Anne Lyseng Thorsen Fylken and her family, later moving on to Goodhue County, MN, to live with their son, Elling Engebretsen. He died in Goodhue County, Minnesota in 1871 and is buried at Minneola Lutheran Cemetery. His wife, Marit went back to Wisconsin to live with daughter Anne and her family after that. She died there in 1877 and is buried in West Valders Cemetery.

Knut and Marit Lyseng emigrated from Gausdal even though their ancestral Lyseng farm and rest of the family were in Valdres, because they had lived in Gausdal on the Halvorslien farm for several years helping Knut's widowed sister, Marit Lyseng Hong after her husband's death.

Ruth Anne Hendrickson