Erick K. Lyseng

Erick Lyseng & Family

Rear - from left: Mathilda (Tillie) Lyseng, Clara Lyseng (Pederson), Nellie Lyseng (Norwick).
Front: Edward Lyseng, Erick Lyseng, Baby Abel Lyseng and wife Berit (Betsy) Lyseng (Brekke).

Anna Hong. Our Norwegian Ancestors. P. 129

Erick Lyseng House
near Clinton, MN

This photograph was taken in the 1880's.
If you look closely - you can see some people in the photgraph.

Photo -Wilbert Lyseng

Erick Lyseng Family in Armena, AB

Back Row: Clara, Tille, Eddie, Nellie.
Front Row: Martin, Berit, Ernest, Erick, Abel.

Photo - Footprints Along the Stoney p. 269

Erick Lyseng Family in Armena, AB

Erick passed away on February 20, 1923.
This picture was taken after his passing.

From Left to Right: Martin, Clara, Ernest, Berit, Edward, Nellie, Abel and Tillie.

Photo - Sharlene Lyseng

Erick Lyseng Farm - in Armena, AB Erick Lyseng Blacksmith Shop
Erick Lyseng Farm - Aerial View in Armena, AB

Erick Lyseng Farm Today - Aerial View From Google Maps
This farm is now owned by Erick Lyseng's grandson.